What is CE Certification?

CE Certification is a process which gives the right to affix CE marking to a product. Ideally it should start in the development stage of a product, as there are certain CE requirements related to product safety, user health and environment that are good to know during the development, other than the fact that the entire life-cycle is taken into consideration. Products having CE mark must comply with European safety rules and only after that they can be traded freely within European Economic Area (EEA).

Six steps for CE Certification

Depending on the product category, the process of getting CE certification varies. Common process includes the following steps:

  1. Find the EU Directive(s) that applies to the product

  2. Search for essential requirements applicable to the product

  3. Determine if the product requires Notified Body assessment

  4. Assess product conformity

  5. Create and maintain the Technical Documentation

  6. Draw up the Declaration of Conformity and affix the CE Mark

Products requiring CE Certification

Certification Company provides complete CE Certification assistance on any stage of the process.

The product categories that are covered by CE are listed below:

  • Machinery and Installations (MD)

  • Machinery in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment (LVD and EMCD)

  • Construction Products (CPR)

  • Medical Devices (MD)

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Pressure Equipment (PED)

  • Radio Equipment (RED)

  • Toys

  • Restriction on the use of certain Substances (RoHS)

  • Other consumer products

What we can offer you

Certification and Compliance is specialised in Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment.

We can guide you through the steps required to obtain the Conformity of your equipment and we can help you maintain your documentation up-to-date.

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