Marks / Certifications

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KC Mark

Certification numbering format – The type approval label consists of the KC Mark along with the

certification number, consisting of the following:


  • XXX – Indication of Basic Certification Information  (i.e. REM, CRM, etc.) followed by

  • AAA – Applicant code issued by NRRA and

  • BBBBBBBBBBBBBB – Product code provided by the Applicant to identify the product

Please note the information presented above represents a general overview and may not contain the

most up-to-date information since regulatory requirements are changing frequently.

Safety - EMC




Safety: Up to 5 years or no expiration depending on product type.

EMC: No expiration

Authority/Regulatory Body

Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL), Korea Testing Certification (KTC), KTR (Korea Testing & Research

Institute), National Research Radio Agency (NRRA)


CB test report/certificate accepted


Test report from NRRA-accredited laboratories accepted.

Additional Requirements

Initial and annual factory inspection, based on product type

Product Scope

Scope of products covered by the above regulations include but not limited to the following:

  • Information technology equipment

  • Audio and video equipment

  • Household and similar use appliances

  • Lighting products

  • Electric tools

  • Laboratory, test and measurement equipment

  • Low-voltage electrical equipment

  • Electrical wires and cables

  • Switches for circuits, installation protective and connection devices

  • Telecommunication equipment




Authority/Regulatory Body

Korea Communications Commission Republic of Korea (KCC)

Marking of Certification Logo or Number Required?



No expiration

Local Representative Required?


Specific User Manual Requirements?


End Product testing required when using an already Approved RF Module?*

Modular approval requirements vary depending on product type.

RF Testing Required?

Yes (in-country testing - Korea)

*This may vary based on product specification.

Product Scope

Scope of products covered by the above regulations are included but not limited to those that contain the following radio/wireless technologies:

  • Bluetooth

  • Keyless systems

  • Wireless LAN

  • WiMax

  • UMTS

  • GSM

  • LTE

  • ANT/ANT+

  • ZigBee

*Requirement may be different depending on the product scope. For details, please contact us.

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