What do we mean by International Certification?

International product Certification or Global Market Access is the name given to the process of making a product compliant to all the required Standards and obtaining all the mandatory and/or voluntary certifications needed to be able to sell that product in a specific country.

The CB scheme

The IECEE CB scheme is by far the largest international certification scheme for electrical products and is the closest there is to worldwide certification. 

It is widely accepted. The CB scheme has more than 50 member countries and it’s also commonly accepted outside those. It is very often the basis to obtain any other International Certification (i.e. CCC, EAC, PSE, KC, …).

What we can offer you

Certification and Compliance is specialised in Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment. 

We can guide you through the steps required to obtain the Conformity of your equipment and we can help you maintain your documentation up-to-date. 

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Countries we can help your product get compliant to:

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